“As a leader, you’re always in the spotlight. Running with the Rhinos teaches you how to be an authentic leader under that bright light. Infused with the mystery of the rhino, this book is a fantastic resource for all people who want to connect more profoundly to those they lead. This book is a thought-provoking and highly practical guide to realizing one’s leadership potential that every leader can immediately relate to.”

– Bob Proctor, international bestselling author of You Were Born Rich

“Leaders, like Rhinos, are rare and endangered. Christian has successfully captured the amazing attributes of these incredible creatures, who have adapted synergistically to their environment and, against all odds, have survived on earth for 6 million years. Once you embrace the secrets in this gem of a book, you’ll never run with the turkeys again. Read and internalize these principles, and you will lead the herd wherever you go.”

– Dr. Denis Waitley, author of Seeds of Greatness

“Christian Warren is a gifted, insightful communicator who has written a critically important book. This book will change the way you lead, your relationships, and in fact your life! As a teacher, coach, and leadership expert with an abundance of inspiration and creativity, Christian is unsurpassed. Running with the Rhinos is a must read!

– Gerry Robert, bestselling author of The Millionaire Mindset

“Christian Warren, one of today’s premier leadership coaches, unlocks the leadership secrets of one of the most powerful animals in the world: the rhino. This is perhaps the most perfect safari guide ever written for leaders. The principles are powerful and have been a key part of my personal journey as a leader for years.”

– Lynn Allen-Johnson, author of Getting Out of Your Own Way

“Running with the Rhinos is one of the most powerful resources on leadership I’ve ever read. I can think of no one more suitable to write about leadership than Christian Warren. Written with insight and wisdom, this book delivers on the promise that all of us have within us all that is necessary to un with the rhinos.”

– Dr. Ladd McNamara, author of The Cholesterol Conspiracy

“A wonderful book on leadership. It is destined to become a classic! Christian Warren has taken a metaphor (the rhino) and masterfully crafted it into a mind image motivator… unique, inspiring, and refreshingly creative! If you are going to read only one book the month, read this one!”

– Steve Lloyd, author of Selling from the Heart

“I believe the difference between average leaders and leaders who change lives lies in the tools they use. In Running with the Rhinos, Christian Warren not only provides you with the most effective tools, he also shows you exactly how to use them to build yourself into the kind of leader others want to follow.”

– Craig Valentine, MBA, co-author of World Class Speaking and 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking

“This book could not come at a better time. There is no question in my mind of the importance, inspiration, and practicality of this book. And I cannot think of anyone who could not be positively influenced by reading it. Christian Warren is arguably one of the best leadership coaches today. In fact, Running with the Rhinos my well be one of the most complete books written on the subject of leadership!”

– Jim Sweeny, author of MLM: A Shortcut to Financial Freedom

“Using his master storytelling skills, Christian Warren shows how to build a strong, high-energy team that can outperform the toughest of market conditions. Running with the Rhinos should be required reading for all leaders who are not only looking to raise their ability to influence others but also looking to grow, develop, and inspire their teams!”

– Dr. Tony Smithlin, Founding Director, Smithlin Chiropractic