Running With The Rhinos

Running With The RhinosAll Dreams Are Possible When We Realize Our Leadership Potential

When the time comes, will you be ready to lead? Sooner or later, you will be called upon to be a leader at your home or job, as a mentor or coach, or in your church or community. In today’s increasingly demanding and complex world, the need for leaders who can courageously influence others to make positive changes in their lives is greater than ever.

Through the metaphor and life of the magnificent rhino, motivational leader and business expert Christian Warren invites leaders to live a bold and courageous life and create a future without sacrificing their integrity, ideals, or humanity.

Getting there will take fearlessness, tenacity, and an uncompromising commitment to reach beyond our limitations. As leaders, we must do what we ask everyone in our organization to do: become what we are capable of becoming. It’s in the realization of this untapped potential that we will find the promise of a more rewarding life—a life in which we will all prosper, grow, and serve.

Based on the premise that there is a leader within everyone, Warren uses the strong and fiercely independent rhino as an unlikely guide to leadership principles that symbolize the vision, understanding, communication, power, endurance, conviction, support, heart, and balance that those desiring to be leaders must integrate into their lives.

What can a person learn about leadership from a three-toed, thick-skinned beast with horns on its nose and a huge hump on its back? Plenty, as Warren makes clear. Drawing from the rhino’s anatomy and nature, Warren presents leadership lessons with immediate application to today’s ferociously competitive workplace and beyond.

To reinforce each rhino principle, Warren shares inspiring stories of remarkable and bold leaders outside the animal kingdom—people both famous and largely unknown.

An engaging and practical guide to becoming a successful adaptive leader distinguished by authority and integrity, Running with the Rhinos culminates with what matters most: the rhino’s heart, which opens the way to leading with passion and compassion, help us identify the leadership and character skills we already possess, and reveals the leader that is within each of us.