About Christian D. Warren

Serial entrepreneur, leadership author and marketing aficionado, Christian D. Warren was born in California and raised in the Pacific Northwest in Portland, Oregon. Christian grew up in a classical music environment and was first exposed to the rigors of success at age 16 as a top nationally ranked opera singer. During a brief stint at the New England Conservatory in Boston, Christian realized that the financial demands of his music career were too great, so he became focused on mastering entrepreneurial and business leadership fundamentals that applies in the business marketplace.

In the early 90s, Christian discovered the world of business through an early mentor and highly successful entrepreneur. Extraordinarily comfortable on stage and realizing he had a natural ability to effectively communicate and inspire people, Warren launched his first major company, the Rhino Group, which focused on facilitating organizations and individuals in developing comprehensive leadership, professional and personal development, team building, and spot-on consultation curricula.

In 1998, as the Internet emerged as a marketing force, Christian and his team began leveraging the web to cultivate new and innovative software and communication strategies for clients in a global capacity.

Today, Christian and his team of in-house specialists, pioneering designers, world-class writers and developers have become a powerhouse provider of strategic marketing solutions that leverage the latest innovations in web technology assisting their clients in being triumphant in an increasingly crowded landscape.

“We aide companies in developing a stronger value proposition, position themselves as a leader in their category and leverage the full capacity of the web to grow for the long-haul,” says Christian.

His expertise in leadership, marketing, technology, and business acceleration has put him in the forefront of global web architects and is a highly sought-after technology and leadership strategist. Christian’s executive leadership and programs and workshops have helped individuals from all walks of life increase their level of technology prowess, influence, persuasion and leadership mastery.

With his International hit, “Running with the Rhinos; Courageous Leadership for a Complex World,” Christian is uniting global leaders in a common mission of developing powerful, success-driven global business relationships. As the world is becoming smaller, Warren’s insight has become larger. The all-encompassing theory of success, according to Warren, is the theory that, “The greatest leaders of all cultures, no matter what their agenda, can approach and focus their aspirations using the Rhino’s techniques and liken their approach to that of the almighty Rhino.”

Warren’s commitment to being true to yourself, your principles, your people and your mission resonate throughout the book while metaphorically profiling and positioning the Rhino and its survivalist and protective approach to life in a clever, engaging and creative manner.