The Rhino Saw His Shadow

By • on February 5, 2014

Well, February 2nd has come and the Rhino did see his shadow, but then again, the Rhino always sees his shadow. But instead of dreading six more weeks of winter, he chooses to use his time wisely and prepare for spring. The best leaders should use this time to do the same thing.

While the word “winter” can be used for a metaphor for cold, hard times, let’s look to the future and plan ahead so that spring and summer will be bright.

* Work everyday like tomorrow is the start of your vacation. People are the most productive before vacation because they are in such high spirits and are looking forward to relaxing and having fun. Try it tomorrow at work just to see what happens. I promise you that the day will be more productive than you could ever imagine.

* On Friday, make your “to do” list longer than any other day of the week. Doing this has a two-fold purpose. First of all, Monday will be a lot better and you will be able to enjoy your weekend knowing that your plate won’t be over loaded on Monday.

* Use the cold weather to rejuvenate yourself. Start exercising and dieting now. Put in more effort with everything that you do. This will make winter go by much faster and you will be ready for spring.

* Start spring cleaning right now. When the good weather gets here, you will be able to enjoy it. Winter is a time when it is easier to become sedentary. Don’t let yourself fall into this trap. Get ready.

* Make a firm commitment everyday to set aside some time to prepare for spring. Visualize the future that you want to create. Remember that the Rhino has already visualized his success the moment that he set his sights on his target.

Now is a good time to use your “what-if” critical thinking powers. Think about it this way. What if the Rhino didn’t see his shadow? Would you have feelings of being overwhelmed? Would you begin to feel like you were behind? Maybe. Because you would know that spring was right around the corner and there are “things” that you wanted to do before it gets here.

What if tomorrow was the first day of your vacation? Would you feel behind right now? I know that I would. That is why I am happy that the Rhino did see his shadow. I can use these extra days and weeks to prepare for the great sense of light-hardheartedness that accompanies springtime. I do not want to enter spring unprepared. The mighty Rhino never does.

What if you woke up tomorrow and had to rewrite your mission statement? What would it say? How would you choose to use your time? Take the extra six weeks of winter and prepare for a wonderful, prosperous spring. I understand that doing this may not be easy considering the ailing condition of our economy. But you should realize that we are the only people that can change our future. Refuse to let winter, the economy or the Rhino’s shadow get you down.

Keep Charging Hard!


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