360-degree Vision OR Your Mother, the Rhino

By • on June 17, 2010

While it is very easy to put on blinders and run through life, the rhino realizes that survival depends on constant observation and planning. A Rhinos vision can be likened to a mother’s vision-no matter what species she hails from. A mother’s main objective is to lead by example and protect herself and her herd of baby Rhinos.

While growing up you probably thought that your mother had eyes in the back of her head. You now know that she didn’t. However, what she did possess was an all-encompassing vision as she realized that she constantly had to be aware of her surroundings and protecting her herd, much like the Rhino’s lifelong vision.

What your mother envisioned was not just children running and playing. She crystallized her vision and saw dangers and pitfalls that may be lurking around any corner. Her visions, much like the Rhinos, gave clarity to her vision of her herd obtaining heights and depths that they were yet to realize.

That is not just blind faith; it is a very carefully calculated vision of what she wants for the future of her baby Rhinos, or herd. Now that is a leader that is not focusing on leadership or being in charge. That is a leader without blinders whom creates, shifts, and refines her vision based on circumstances, opponents of her herd, and activity in the herd.

Your mother, like the Rhino, believes without proof, that her herd will be a powerful force to be reckoned with. Part of that vision requires a little blind faith mixed with organizing, planning, and a 360° vision of what the world has to offer.

A Rhino, much like a mother, has eyes on the side of it’s head, allowing it to keep a 360-degree watch on everything that is going on around them, at all times. A Rhino’s babies run around with blinders on due to immaturity, lack of vision, and the blind faith that they innately posses for their mother. Her job is to instill her visions into her herd with skill and precise calculation.

The reality is that Rhino’s can only see approximately a 50 feet parameter around them. But that is insignificant to the mighty Rhino. What they envision is a world past the 50 feet and unexplored territory to be reckoned with.

The Rhino forms pictures in their mind of what they believe is out “there.” They become so steadfast in their vision that when they charge, they do so with their eyes closed. They are not interested in leading; they are interested in their target and exude so much power and bravery that they expect the herd to follow, much like a mother of any herd.


By Ruth Richardson on June 17th, 2010 at 9:30 pm

This is a powerful message regarding leadership and vision. Unbelievable thought process. Never really thought about a presentation to include a Rhino and her young. Great.