Rhino Foresight

By • on March 16, 2010

The best chess players in the world will tell you that they are not just merely interested in the board game; they will tell you that they are strategists whom enjoy an intellectual cat and mouse where they are not anticipating their own next move, but rather their worthy opponents. They not only plan their next five or six moves in advance, they base their moves on those anticipated moves made by their opponent. This is much easier said than done, but it can be done; just ask Mikhail Botvinnik, Bobby Fischer, Anatoly Karpov and the current World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand.

I hope that I have made that last passage very clear. Very simply, in order to plan your next moves you will have to study your opponent. While that is not a science, and may be risky at times, you will have to learn how your opponent thinks and try and anticipate the advantageous options that your opponent has. This is not a guessing game. Understanding your opponent will give you a clear idea of what he or she is trying to accomplish.

Studying your opponent in the business world has really become quite easy with the advent of the internet. Most every company has a website that provides pertinent information regarding their company. I am not suggesting that you spy on your opponent; I am merely suggesting that you be as prepared as you can for the time that you will come face to face or go head to head with them.

• Go to their company website and read about the company. Companies usually provide their history, their current workforce and their mission and goals statement. Read it. Now, some of the information may be superficial and probably will not give you private information, but it will give you enough information to at least understand their approach, motivation and goals. Besides, nothing impresses a business person more than when you know about their company and their company history.
• Ask for a business meeting or lunch. An opponent does not generally anticipate a move of this nature. Just let them know that while you understand that you might be opponents or adversaries in the work force, that you can also be allies.

There is another lesson from the Rhino in this. While A Rhino might appear as if he is just standing in place, this is not the case. He is developing his foresight and his plan at every moment. His 360° vision capabilities aide him in anticipating his opponents next move, thus being able to plan his. Forewarned is forearmed.

Now before you charge ahead with a business move, keep in mind that not all of these businesses or people are opponents or foes. They are you and your company’s peers. A lot can be learned from them, not just about them.

A successful businessman once shared with me his secret: “Don’t worry about their next move just figure it out. The best position to be in is when your opponent is worrying about your next move.” I have learned to live by this credo.

Foresight can be achieved only if it is activated. Become an active member of your business community. Enlist yourself and your staff in trade shows, business seminars and join professional organizations. As stated earlier, do your homework and read about successful businesses and business leaders. The mighty Rhino knows his community and other members of the animal kingdom. He knows the way they live and how they approach their targets. Take a lesson and practice using foresight by being proactive not reactive and get a jump on your opponents and competition.

Keep Charging Hard!



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