Do You Own Your Time?

By • on November 18, 2009

Has anyone ever asked you the question, “Do You Own Your Time®?”

You’ve probably heard the question before, either asked aloud or whispered by that little voice inside your head. Or perhaps you’ve heard it another way: “Do you control how you Spend Your Time?”

You already know that time is precious; however many of us fall into the rat-race of society’s expectations and become victims of living on other people’s time, rather than our own. Think for a minute about why we use the verbs spend and own in relation to time. It makes sense when you consider how valuable your time is. In fact, it is arguably the single most important asset you possess. And, if YOU don’t own it, then someone or something else does.

To determine exactly who or what owns your time, take a few minutes to calculate everything you do in a 24-hour day, and subtract the hours spent sleeping, commuting, working – the everyday things that cannibalize most people’s time – you might have less than a few hours a day to call your own.

Even if you did have more time, would you have the financial resources to do the things you wanted to? Would you be able to afford a nice vacation or even a day at the spa? It wouldn’t matter if you had more time, if you lacked the income necessary to do those things you would love to spend your time doing. That old verbatim, “Time is money” truly does have a double entendre.

So, how can you buy back your time and make your hours worth more? The answer may lie in simply knowing the difference between acquiring riches and establishing true wealth. If you have these things, then you can buy yourself more time to do all of the coveted activities you’ve been missing out on. Think of all the clichés like, “Time is precious” that might apply here!

Do You Own Your Time®?

Have you lost sight of your dream? Have life’s circumstances made it seem implausible for you to pursue those long-lost goals? Complacency will rob you of your time – day by day – minute by second. Time is something you can never recover. Therefore, it is even more precious than any riches. So, to get more of your time, you must develop the Rhino mindset of leadership mentality. You must grasp your dream and do whatever it takes to see it through. Do you really want to be an old person one day who looks back on your life, only to wish you had seen, done or had more than you did? For many, it will be too late. For you, it is not.

You see, there is a correlation between – yet a distinctive difference – between being rich and being wealthy. Many people think those are one in the same. Based on the definition above, this simple phrase represents a monumental shift in perception, purpose and process, and it is the key to success in both your business and personal life. Please take note: “own” is a verb, an action, a step you actively decide to make. Taking ownership of every minute of your day is not only a critical step in leadership but also a philosophy of life that can move you from the rat-race of “income accrual” to a lifetime of “true wealth.”

This difference between acquiring riches and establishing true wealth is something that many people have lost sight of.

Riches = directly tied to a dollar figure. Everyone has their own imaginary figure that they would consider as rich. For some, that may be a six-figure number. Others may not consider rich to be anything less than a $mill. You could say that lottery winners become rich. They are not wealthy. This represents material possessions, monetary income, anything that projects the appearance of success. However, without due caution, it’s easy to become enslaved to these things, to the point where they own you instead of the other way around! Most people today spend their time simply earning an income, which is certainly a noble effort but, consider this. By nature, income is designed to “come in” and then “go out”. When you look at it that way, the process seems a bit futile.

True wealth = directly tied to owning your time. By contrast, when you own your time, the world looks different and each day feels different. True wealth is a holistic state of existence: a combination of focused mind-set, the ability to value what’s truly important in life, and the means by which to enjoy your life. You’ll still meet obstacles along the way, but you’ll be free to overcome those obstacles any way you choose – even if it requires walking away for a break from the action to reassess your approach. When you own your time, you alone dictate your life’s course!

So how can you own your time and create true wealth in your life? Start with three steps:

  1. A leader understands to create wealth you must have the right dream.
    To create wealth, you must have a clear vision of your target and apply the right amount of action to achieve it. I’ve said for your years that, “Vision without Action is just a Dream; Action without Vision is a Nightmare!” Not only must you have the right dream, but the actions that you put forth to acquire that dream must match. Do you clearly know what the right dream is for you and do your daily actions support it? Have you taken inventory of your passions and skills? This critical step will help guide you toward a more fulfilling and balanced life, a more satisfying place where you can thrive and create true wealth while exceeding all your financial needs and goals.
  2. A leader understands to create wealth you must have the right team.
    Who you spend your time with is equally important as how you spend it. We’ve all heard the saying, “Two heads really are better than one”. When you combine resources and ideas, it strengthens an organization. When you share the workload, everyone is more efficient and able to enjoy more personal time. But a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so ensure that all hands are on deck. Find team members with skills and interests that complement each other and you’ll find yourself in a brewing pot of creative genius. The team might even be temporary, but with the right mix of people, everyone will part with more skills and knowledge than before, better equipped to own their time and create true wealth. Learn from great leaders who’ve gone before you and surround yourself with people who share your principles and support your dream.
  3. A leader understands to create wealth you must have the right theme.
    Without a doubt, the theme – the underlying belief system – is your commitment to owning your time. The art of taking ownership of every moment of life is shared by the world’s greatest leaders. Working toward a goal is a journey, but what is the theme of your journey? Sometimes your theme is defined along the way, but you can identify your own theme in the beginning as a guideline. This will keep you both motivated and on track. One solid theme throughout a lot of success stories is “small steps toward big goals.” In other words, create an action plan of smaller, achievable goals to act as building blocks toward your end goal. It’s important to remember that the wealth you seek lies not only in the end goal, but in the journey. So celebrate small victories and enjoy the journey – and that sounds like another good theme!

Do You Need a New Dream, Team and/or Theme?

If you’ve come to the conclusion that you’re in need of some serious change in terms of who or what owns your time, I’ve got great news for you. While financial recessions – the current one included – are economic seasons none of us wish to encounter, they carry a silver lining and are historically known to create dynamic opportunities for entrepreneurial success stories. If you’re stuck in a cycle of chasing after income with little or no time left over, today may be a turning point.

If you surround yourself with successful people, guess what will happen? You too, will become successful. If you surround yourself with broke people who have very little to offer, aside from complaining or asking for more of your time, then you will never be able to get your time back, nor become wealthy. You will stay stuck right where you are, wishing you had more time and more money. You are the Rhino! Get back your time!

Once you take charge, your lifestyle will change dramatically and so will your financial riches. As a suggestion, rather than focusing on the monetary aspect; focus on the dream. The means and resources will fall into place once you take action towards your goals and find the right partners for success. This is not to say that you should let your responsibilities fall by the wayside. Of course, that would just create chaos and hinder your imminent success. Instead, allow those precious few moments that you do have (for now) to become more valuable and use them to take action towards fulfillment of your dreams.

Whether you’re the Assistant Manager of XYZ, Inc. or the CEO of your own entrepreneurial endeavor, the practice of owning your time holds the key to a lifetime of true wealth. It’s your time… OWN IT!

Keep Charging Hard!

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By Dan Delaney on November 19th, 2009 at 4:07 pm

Mr. Warren,
I read your article regarding owning time, and I agree with every point.
Dan Delaney

By Dr Tony Smithlin on November 21st, 2009 at 4:34 am

Mr. Warren,
I remember you saying years ago that most people spend more time planning a two week vacation than their financial future, simply because we “don’t have the time”. You hit it on the head here with this article!
Thank You.

By Dr Tony Smithlin on November 21st, 2009 at 4:45 am

There are 24 hours in a day. Those 24 hours have been shared by Albert Einstein, Mother Theresa, Thomas Edison, and so many more that have found the time in their hectic lives and changed the world. It is embarrassing that so many of us refuse to use even a fraction of this time to contribute to a bigger life for our families and those we care about. I think it’s time we turn off the TV and change our world. Thank You Mr. Warren for the perspective.

By Mark Stansfield on November 21st, 2009 at 8:37 pm

Well, you got my wheels turning. When you really think about it, we are like prisoners to our jobs! You opened my eyes and I suppose I need to rethink my own options because life is passing me by at light speed my friend! Thanks for enlightening us. Good stuff…

By Angela Davis on November 23rd, 2009 at 9:44 am

Mr. Warren,

I’ve been reading your blogs for over 6 months now and this one in particular is so fitting to my personal circumstances. I am a single mom and captive to my job. I have no time to speak of for my children and sick and tired of feeling like I can’t get a head. Thank you for the inspiration and continued communication. I’m taking action NOW in my pursut for true wealth!

Thank you again for all that you do!