Building Rhino Immunity to Financial Cancer

By • on September 29, 2009

There’s no doubt that cancer remains one of the biggest health-related anxieties we are confronted with today. It’s almost impossible to turn on the nightly news without hearing about a promising new cancer treatment, or to walk down a supermarket checkout aisle without spotting a headline on preventative diets or lifestyle changes. We can count ourselves lucky that so much is now known about cancer, but it still remains a looming fear, a possibility—and, all too often, a reality—that threatens to derail our lives without a moment’s warning.

But there’s another kind of cancer that is talked about less often, but that is just as insidious. I’m talking about financial cancer. In today’s social and economic climate, financial cancer is spreading rampantly, and its effects are no less devastating than a health-related cancer’s. Like any other cancer, financial cancer starts with one cell—one ill-considered investment, one haphazard financial decision—and spreads quickly, undermining the health of the rest of the body, weakening all of your assets, your entire livelihood.

Creating financial health, wellbeing, and resilience is no different from maintaining physical health. If we want to reduce our risk of succumbing to the plague of financial cancer, we have to be prepared to follow the same path to robust financial health as the Rhino. The Rhino has immunity to financial cancer—and so can you. It’s about choosing consistently, on a daily basis, to incorporate the leadership actions that can act as changing agents in your financial body. Just as you care for your physical body by eating beneficial nutrients and exercising regularly, you can create financial fortitude by incorporating financial nutrients and leadership action that will lead you into an exciting, balanced, healthy life.

• The Rhino is healthy because his net worth is tied to his network. He leverages People Equity. In the health sphere, it’s been proven that people who don’t have a strong support network of family, friends, or colleagues succumb to illness more often than people who have a network to rely on. The same holds true in maintaining the health of your financial body. Our real value does not lie in the objects or assets we own, it lies in the people we connect with. You can’t stand up to financial cancer if you go it alone. Build contacts, mentor your team, ask questions of those who have forged the path ahead of you. Create an indestructible army to help you combat the threat of financial cancer.

• The Rhino never gives up. He knows he is never out of options. Imagine for a moment, those of you who are parents, that your child has been stricken with a deadly cancer. It’s a nightmare that no parent wants to think about—but indulge me for a moment. You know that your child will die if you don’t find a cure for this cancer. Suddenly, you hear of a doctor who practices somewhere on the other side of the country who has a failsafe cure. If you can just find her, she will cure your child. The catch is that you don’t know her name, and your child has a limited amount of time left. You know this doctor exists, she has the cure that will save your child, all you have to do is find her. But how? I guarantee you that you wouldn’t be sitting around in that situation saying, “I don’t have the resources,” or “I don’t know where to start.” You would try everything in your power—you would never run out of options. When you deeply believe there is no limit to your options, that’s when you can truly open your mind to finding a solution. That’s Rhino vision.

• The Rhino knows that it’s up to him to opt out. It’s that easy. You can opt out of the recession; the power is entirely yours. As tough as it is to own up to, we all choose to be affected by the recession—or not to be. It is in your power to say, “I choose to opt out. I choose to find other ways to create income. I choose to connect to new people who can lead me to new resources.” Understand that the future is in your hands, that you can choose to fall prey to the spread of financial cancer, or instead, choose to make healthy decisions and build a robust immune system. That’s the first step in recovering from the blow of the recession . . . and building indestructible Rhino immunity.

It’s true that health-related cancers are a terrifying fact of life in our world. There are some clear steps we can take to avoid them—not smoking, wearing sunscreen—but the reality is that health-related cancers can strike without warning or apparent reason. This is not true of financial cancer. Building Rhino immunity is your choice, and it’s in your power. It’s only a matter of deciding to incorporate, every day, the leadership action steps that will act as changing and reinvigorating agents in your financial body.

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