The Rhino Cannot See Where He is Going If He is Unsure about Where He Has Been!

By • on April 30, 2009

The mighty Rhino is always exact about where he is going. That may not seem like an outstanding trait to those who have the same 360° vision capabilities as a Rhino, but it is an exemplary feat for most of us. The fact of the matter is that while it might seem like a great quality to know exactly where your sights are set; the key to knowing exactly where you are going is realizing exactly where you have been.

While most of us might think that we want “to leave the past behind,” we are ignoring the future if we really have this mind set. The only real way to a clear future is to have a clear vision and total grasp of our past.

Accept who you are. If you do not recognize and embrace your past, you will never be able to charge ahead and make a difference in the future.
Realize that your past is a building block to your future. Whether you have eaten from the “silver spoon” or not, I promise that you have had advantages that have helped you be on the right track to success.
NEVER stop listening. Every time that you listen to someone else, consider it a learning experience, even if you chose to never take their advice, they at least have given you a larger perspective. Just remember that listening is more important than talking and that you have listened in your past; otherwise you would not be here today.
Give yourself and others a break. We ALL make mistakes, if we chose to learn from them, we are smart. If we chose to make the same mistakes over and over, we are gaining nothing.
Believe it or not, your parents still know what they are talking about. They may not be “modern,” but there is wisdom in their words. You can gain knowledge and insight from them your whole life.

Sit down and write down your biggest mistakes. Knowing what you know now, how would you have handled the situation(s) differently? When moving forward, apply those solutions. Application is one of the biggest parts of learning. If you refuse to try new approaches, you will probably not forge ahead. A Rhino approaches every situation from a new vantage point; whether that be experience or location; the Rhino looks at every aspect of his vision, then charges.

Look back and reflect; frequently. It is healthy to go over past situations and pull knowledge and wisdom from them. As you charge ahead, realize that you are not a victim of your past, but rather a unique individual with the advantage of understanding the past and your mistakes.

Just remember that it is OK to ask questions. Not knowing something doesn’t show weakness. Asking for the correct answers shows your strength. The mighty Rhino does not stand alone. He is surrounded by his herd; without the herd he would have no real purpose other than self-preservation. The Rhino understands that his herd is his past and his future. Charge Ahead!


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