The Rhino’s A-W-A-R-D & R-E-W-A-R-D

By • on April 7, 2009

If you are on level five of leadership, first of all let me say, “Congratulations!” You have worked very hard for a very long time and you deserve to be where you are. No one knows more than you all of the hard work and dedication that you have put into your career and your life, in general. Unless you are superhuman, getting to Level 5 has taken you many years to achieve. On this level you will achieve oneness with your team because your people are completely obedient to your mission.

Level 5 is the most difficult level of leadership to achieve, as it has been awarded to you by others. Your team of dedicated people has awarded you the appointment of Level 5, so now it is your turn to reward their efforts. Never forget that you did not get to Level 5 by yourself, so now you must take care of your team. On Level 5 you will use the Rhino’s horn to keep charging hard and the Rhino’s heart to discover the key to living and working passionately.

In previous levels you have tackled your job, gotten to know the people around you, gained momentum and built effective, productive teams. Now it is time to focus on rewarding those who have given you this opportunity by awarding you Level 5. This goes far beyond bonuses and other tangible rewards. At this point you have a responsibility to make good on any promises that you have made and focus on the careers and achievements of your team.

Now is also the time to look at entry-level leaders and help them in any way that you can. Don’t ever lose sight of any level of leadership. Once you are a Level 5 leader, it may be easy to neglect the “little people.” Don’t let this happen or you will unknowingly put your status in danger. Remember that those around you are working on their own particular level of leadership. Whether they are on the JOB, PEOPLE, MOMENTUM or TEAM level, it is your responsibility to nurture them and make sure that they have the necessary tools required to take them to the next level of their leadership.

• You need oneness with your team. If you can establish oneness, it will trickle down. Schedule meetings that are centered on your team members. This may be group meetings or one-on-one meetings that are designed to enhance the team members’ career and climb to the top.
• Encourage your team to branch out to help others who also want to be leaders. At this point you can easily become quite removed from many teams and many people. By instructing your immediate team to stay in touch on all levels, you will have first-hand knowledge of all around you.
• Remember that this is the AWARD and REWARD Level. You have been awarded an opportunity to be a great leader. It is your responsibility to reward those who are striving to keep your dreams and missions alive. You are now the Rhino.
• Take some time to relax. Enjoy Level 5. Take that long-awaited vacation. Spend some time with the ones that you love. Remember that a true leader is not just a leader in the workplace. Strong leadership should enhance all aspects of your life and the people in it.

You will find that after you achieve Level 5, you will see your mission in a different light. First of all, you will want to build on what you have accomplished by putting finishing touches on your position. Secondly, you will find that you have many more projects and/or missions that you want to tackle that will take your organization and your people to whole new heights. In other words, your point of view will broaden and you will discover that there are many other missions to embark upon.

Keep Charging Hard!

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