One Rhino, Many Herds

By • on April 10, 2009

While I am sure that most people understand that there are many aspects of leadership, they may not fully understand that there are many places in which to display leadership qualities. If you are a leader, you cannot just be a leader in one aspect of your life. If you are a true leader, you are a leader everywhere and to everyone. If you are the person in your work organization that people turn to with problems, issues and/or concerns, more than likely, you are that person same person in your personal life as well. If you are not, you should be. Remember that the Rhino is the same creature no matter whom he is dealing with. He is a Rhino at all times.

Whether you realize it or not, you belong to and/or are associated with many different groups.

• You may be a member of a church;
• You may take classes outside of work;
• You might be married with children;
• You might have hobbies and/or special interests separate from all of these.

Natural groups include those relationships that you have socially. Friendships, family and church are considered to be natural groups as the social aspects of these relationships take precedence over functional groups such as work, school or even hobbies or interest groups. No matter which groups that you are member of you have a certain responsibility to bring your leadership skills to the forefront of the group’s overall agenda.

Many of today’s companies take the total person approach when hiring. This means that the company hires a whole person and not just his or her job skills. This line of thinking has become very popular for many reasons.

• First of all, good companies realize that a person is not just his or her job. Studies have shown that this approach to hiring is much more effective as far as productivity and company loyalty are concerned.
• Secondly, team members form much more cohesiveness and synergy if they are very familiar with one another. Since communication is the key for success in any combined action or operation, the total person approach enhances and hones work behaviors. In other words, there is much more team spirit.

As a total person you need to revolve the total person approach mindset and integrate your leadership qualities into every aspect of your life. If you are a leader in the making, you cannot expect to be a person that people turn to and look up to at work if you are not a leader in the other “groups” that you are associated with outside of the workplace. It is obvious that you cannot approach every group in the same manner, as all groups have a different agenda and a different dynamic.

A few steps that you can take in all of your groups are:

• Keep your promises
• Under promise and over deliver
• Spend your spare time doing volunteer work
• If something needs to be done; do it

Being a total person and a leader can be difficult at times. But always keep in mind that while you can not be all things to all people, you can put your best foot forward in every group that you belong to, as this behavior will spill into your attitude and into every aspect of your life.

Keep Charging Hard!

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