The Rhino’s J-O-B

By • on March 6, 2009

No one starts out at the top. If you try, you will find yourself back at the bottom level of the rung every time. This is the level of leadership where you can gain a little recognition. However, this level also has many rules. Since this is the icebreaker of your leadership climb, this is where you will begin to establish your reputation and garner a little recognition.

At the J-O-B level your job is to be the very best that you can be. If you are smart, you will utilize the Rhino’s 360° vision capabilities and their impeccable listening skills to learn everything that you can. This is the best time to show your enthusiasm by asking a lot of questions and be very inquisitive about what is going on around you. However, do not be obtrusive. People tend to become intimidated by anyone who comes on like gang busters. At the J-O-B level, you need to do your job and learn as much about it as there is to know. Look, listen and learn at this level.

Become familiar with your team members and/or co-workers. Some of these people will be with you on your climb to the top. Therefore the J-O-B level is a great place to get to know them and begin to build your positive reputation. This is a great time to do some self-character assessments and realize what kind of a leader that you are. Ask yourself a few questions:

• What kind of people do I want to lead?
• Am I attracted to thinkers or doers?
• Who have I been naturally attracted to?
• Are they leaders or followers?
• Are they positive or negative people?

Once you unveil the answers to these types of questions you will begin to see what kind of leadership characteristics that you are beginning to display. Generally speaking, people are attracted to like-minded people. So, if you find yourself attracted to followers or negative people, for example, that probably indicates that you could easily be a follower or that you might look at things in a negative manner. If this is the case, now is a great time for you to change direction, attitude or your mindset.

Take advantage of this level of leadership. Some people will neglect to look within themselves at this point of the leadership climb. Neglecting your powers and your pitfalls can eventually lead you right back down the ladder if you fail to get to know yourself. By looking within you can tap into self-revelations that can lead you great successes.

This is also the level that you can full opportunity to learn from your mistakes. Making mistakes is part of the leadership levels. If you do not make mistakes and own up to them, you are likely to fail later. Now is a great time to be humble. If you make a mistake look at the reasons behind the error and take heed. Now is also a great time to learn how to recognize mistakes and hold yourself accountable for them. Some of the greatest leaders of all time have duly admitted their mistakes and have built more character and respect from others than they had before.

During the J-O-B level of leadership:

• Follow the rules, and dot your I’s and cross your T’s.
• Learn your job and be very inquisitive.
• Spend time with your co-workers and learn the ropes.
• Under promise and over deliver.
• Go to work early and stay late. This is where you can start to be the “Go-to guy.”
• Appreciate the opportunity.
• Never forget that this is the JOB Level, so do your job.

During this level you should begin to gain some recognition for your job performance, thuds garnering some recognition. Just remember that at this level you will need to abide by the rules. Look, listen and learn.

Keep Charging Hard!

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