The Rhino’s Heartbeat

By • on March 4, 2009

Valentine’s Day has come and gone and I purposefully put this blog off until March. I personally believe that kindness and thoughtfulness should be practiced year-round. And it should be noted that Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers; it is for everyone. Don’t you remember when we were kids? We gave a Valentine to everyone. The Rhino approaches everyday in the same manner; with his head and heart set on protecting his herd; not just his offspring or his mate. His life of passion and service make everyday Valentines Day. That gives me the motivation to live like the Rhino.

The lesson for leaders is obvious. It takes more than vision and strength to lead; it takes more than a great personality, energy and drive. It takes heart.

The heart, as an organ, pumps blood throughout the body. It pumps blood to the Rhino’s eyes, ears, mouth, horns, feet, skin and back. Without the heart none of these other things could function.

The heart also pumps spirit, passion, joy and love to the emotional part of our being. As a great leader we should easily be able to understand that spirit, passion, joy and love are the exact reasons that we work. Without these, we can question our existence.

While you might realize this, do you also realize that it is the same spirit, passion, joy and love that makes other people come to work as well? While most of us display different personas at work and home, it is OK to break out of business tradition and show others at work that you have heart as well as all of your other attributes.

• One reason that a lot of people don’t enjoy their work is because they don’t have any fun doing it. It is great to laugh. It relieves tension and it alleviates stress.
• Plan fun teamwork events at least once a month at work. Play games and award prizes.
• Place people with people that they don’t know. It will give everyone a chance to get to know people outside of their “box.”
• Plan luncheons at work. These do not necessarily have to be catered by the boss. Let everyone bring their specialty dish. This brings an air of warmth to work. And events like this have proven to increase productivity.
• Find out everyone’s birthday. On their birthday, take about 30 minutes to have cake. If you have a big organization, you can have one birthday party a month to celebrate all who are having a birthday during that month.
• It is great to chit chat every once in a while. Communicate with your people and get to know their likes and dislikes. Doing this makes people feel appreciated; thus increasing productivity and loyalty.

Valentine’s Day has gotten to be too commercialized for my blood. I guess that I am so much like the Rhino that I sincerely try to appreciate those that I care about on a daily basis. That is not to say that I don’t participate on Valentine’s Day. It just means that I have taken a lesson from the mighty Rhino who shows his passion, spirit, joy and love on a daily basis.

Keep Charging Hard!

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