One Rhino, Many Jobs

By • on March 25, 2009

Today’s economic problems are definitively no secret to anyone who is old enough to read and the fiscal, trade and industry woes seem to be at the forefront of every news program and the topic of discussion around the “water cooler” and the dinner table. There seems to be an air of disparity laced with tinges of hopelessness.

The economy not withstanding, a lot of companies view their relationship with employees quite differently than they did even twenty years ago. The loyalties and camaraderie’s that used to be formed are in a lot of ways, no longer existent. With our grandparents and our parents, it was not unusual for a person to enter a company at a young age and stay employed with that same company until retirement. As we all well know, those days are pretty much over. It is not unusual for a person to change companies many times throughout a career. And in today’s trying employment and economic situations, a person may completely change their career, more than once.

In times like this, I have chosen to follow the mighty Rhino’s lead, and use 360° visioning capabilities. A Rhino is not just a Rhino. They are a leader, a hunter, a provider, a parent, and a protector. In other words, they have many jobs. I am trying to view all options and strategically plan my attack.

There are many ways to make yourself more valuable in the work place and in your organization.

• Take a class. No matter what your level of education, you can always learn more. If you don’t have your Master’s degree, now is a great time to start. A lot of companies have education reimbursement programs. Take advantage of that benefit. An MBA is an excellent asset and it definitely makes you more valuable and more marketable. If you already have your Master’s, obtain certifications. There are many communications, business and computer software program certifications that can easily and inexpensively be obtained online.
• Maintain a positive attitude. Remember that statistics show that 8 out of 10 people are stressed about the economy and money. So, you are not alone. Everyone is facing the same problems, so everyone is in the same boat. Let it go while you are at work. Stress is very distracting to yourself and others and can bring on many health-related concerns.
• When you are not at work do some research. Remember that some of the greatest leaders of all time have been born during the toughest of times. If what you are doing is not your niche, now may be a great time to look within and find out what is. If you will spend one hour every night searching the World Wide Web, you will be very surprised at what you will find. Look at career sites, online schools, and news-oriented sites. This will get your mental blood flowing.
• Attend seminars, conferences, classes and anything else that your company is offering to pay for. Networking can be the key to your success and every situation can be a learning experience.
• Take a good long look at your resume. Are there in gaps in knowledge? Fill them. And keep in mind that there are thousands of professional that have more than one field of expertise. Therefore, they have more than one resume. Each resume focuses on a particular field and highlights the areas of employment and knowledge that is best suited for that field. If you are qualified in more than one area, then take the time to produce another resume.

Now is the time to forge ahead. Keep in mind that employers are always interested in very diverse backgrounds. Don’t pigeon-hole yourself by limiting your vision. Look around and remember that if you will take some time to reflect, you will probably realize that you already have at least one other field of expertise. The more that you know, the more you will bring to the table.

Keep Charging Hard!


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