The Rhino vs. The Rhino

By • on February 6, 2009

I don’t know about you, but I enjoyed every minute of this years Superbowl that took place last week in my backyard. Wow! What a game. Never have I seen a game that carried so much passion and spirit. And I’m not just talking about team spirit. I am talking about good old-fashioned American tried and true SP-IR-IT! The emotion behind that game blew me away.

I do not care what that final scoreboard indicated, both of those teams are chock full of winners and leaders. Maybe, it is the economy, the resourcefulness of Americans to still be able to find fervor and devotion in the face of bad times or the overall feeling of camaraderie that accompanied this Superbowl. Whatever it was, I jumped on the bandwagon and rode it through the final seconds of that game.

When asked who I was rooting for; I will be honest, I choose the Steelers. They are definitely likened to the mighty Rhino, as they play football like the Rhino charges; with their eyes never straying from their target. But after some consideration and some research on the specific team members of Arizona, I quickly became undecided. Talk about passion; be aware that we have not heard the last of the Arizona Cardinals.

I generally pull for the underdog, but when I choose the Steelers, I wasn’t thinking about underdogs; I was thinking about the Rhino, as usual. Nor did I think the Cardinals were underdogs, and I was right. Boy oh boy, was I right. Both teams had a lot at stake. I mean the Steelers wanted to break a record by winning the coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy for a sixth time and the Cardinals wanted to put themselves on the championship map. I believe Mission Accomplished for both teams.

Let’s take a few pointers from these guys:

• Be a team player and remember that you can be held accountable for every team loss as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
• Be positive and keep forging ahead, even in the face of adversity. Give it your best even after the game is over.
• Admire your team members; they are as much a part of your team as you are theirs. Help your weak links, they are your responsibility.
• Love the game. It is why you do what you do.

A quarterback, like the Rhino is nothing without his team or his herd. Protect your team, as they deserve it. They will make you proud in the fourth quarter if you learn to share the glory and the heartbreaks.

Take some time to read about the Cardinals esteemed quarterback Kurt Warner or wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. What powerful, moving stories. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh’s quarterback has led his team to the Superbowl championship twice in the last five seasons despite a serious motorcycle accident that could have ended his career. There are many other players from both teams that have faced adversity after adversity, but have managed to push through and stick to their dreams and attain their goals.

Keep Charging Hard!


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