The Rhino’s Glass Ceiling

By • on February 19, 2009

The term “glass ceiling” has been thrown around offices since the mid 1980’s, and was a buzz term before “buzz words” existed. For those that are not aware, the glass ceiling is the imaginary ceiling that individuals hit on their way to the top of the corporate ladder. I would like to think that term is antiquated, but unfortunately it still exists.

We can take a lesson from the mighty Rhino when it comes to pigeon-holing someone regardless of their gender. First of all, I would like to point out that both the male and female Rhinoceros sport horns. The male uses his horn to battle attackers while the female Rhino uses her horn to protect her young. They both essentially use their horns for the same reason.

Lesson # 1-Both male and female Rhinos have the same tools; they just use them in their fields of expertise.

Lesson # 2-The male and female horns of the Rhino can be used for the same purpose, but generally are not because they each have different agendas.

Lesson # 3-Male and female Rhinos respect each other and their outstanding qualities. They protect each other; not because they are mates, but out of necessity. They each have their purpose and both want to protect the herd.

Lesson # 4-A female Rhino can run up to forty or fifty miles an hour. A male Rhino can run up to forty or fifty miles an hour.

Lesson # 5-If a female Rhino senses that there is a threat, she will attack. If a male Rhino senses there is a threat; he will attack.

While each of these lessons may seem sophomoric, they are all true and can be used, in their simplest form, to understand the agenda of true leaders in the work place.

• When doling out responsibilities or assignments, chose the best people for the job. Try your best to overlook gender and concern yourself with outstanding work characteristics. Put the right person with the right job.
• Form teams of men and women that have different strengths and assets.
• When choosing a team leader, remind everyone what your reasons are.
• Give every person that works for you the opportunity to shine and reward them accordingly.

The Rhino’s approach and philosophy is very simple and should be applied in every aspect of the work place. Every Rhino in the herd is essential for the safety and well being of the crash and there is no such thing as stopping one’s potential due to gender.

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