Successful Selling Requires Endurance – Part 2

By • on November 12, 2008

A notable model of endurance is the rhino, which happens to be my favorite animal. Just as the rhino has three toes that support its enormous weight, sales leaders need three foundational blocks that together will carry their weight, giving them the support that makes endurance possible in their sales race. The rhino’s three essential toes of endurance are strength, wisdom and balance.

The First Toe of Endurance Is Strength

Whether you want to win a marathon or close a multimillion-dollar sales deal, you have to ask, “What can stop me from achieving this goal?” Self-doubt, uncertainty and fear are a salesperson’s worst enemies. You must be proactive in the race for sales so that potential customers can trust that they are following a leader. You must do your homework, know the customers’ pain points and know how you can significantly help them overcome those. No matter what your customers ask of you, you must be ready to respond and endure with strength and without self-doubt.

The Second Toe of Endurance Is Wisdom

All the strength and power in the world mean nothing if we don’t know how to use them. Victory in sales will go to the salespeople who know how to use their tools to their best advantage and keep moving no matter what the challenge. If strength is the energy to run the sales race, wisdom is knowing how to run the race. For salespeople, wisdom is the ability to discriminate between essential and nonessential, fact and fiction, fast and slow, left and right.

Theodore Roosevelt said, “Nine-tenths of wisdom consists in being wise in time.” In sales, we must always understand that winning a sale is as much about timing and pacing as about strength. We can’t escape that we want results, and we want them sooner rather than later. This is an inevitable part of the sales business. We must stay connected with our competition, but we can’t allow ourselves to consciously or unconsciously get hooked into our competitors’ timetables and pacing.

If we hope to achieve our own long-term goals, we must see the big picture when no one else will, slow down when everyone else around us is running full speed ahead, and then charge like a rhino while others are calling for caution and reserve. We must always allow the timing and pacing of the sales race to unfold according to the needs of our potential customers, not according to the bottom line or end of the sales quarter.

The Third Toe of Endurance Is Balance

The final toe–the middle toe of the rhino–represents balance, something every sales leader must have in order to master endurance. Without balance, the greatest strength and the wisest strategy are vulnerable to failure.

Balance comes from having faith in our product and what we can do for customers. It comes from standing for something larger than our product or organization: we stand on principle, integrity and a vision to provide customers with a product that will create a successful outcome for them in their own race. Sales with integrity is fundamental to succeeding long term in this globally competitive arena.

Business, like life, is challenging and difficult. At times, sales can be downright dispiriting. The difference between success and failure, between what is and what could have been, isn’t always talent or brilliance of idea but rather perseverance and old-fashioned stick-to-it-iveness. Here’s to winning your marathon through authenticity and integrity and engendering more customers to run alongside you.


By Jill Ekstrom on November 26th, 2008 at 8:35 pm

Thanks so very much for your inspiring presentation for Platinum One. Your are very right with stick-to-it-iveness. I have learned that from my teaching experiences with children and through my wonderful subjects in counseling. They had to have faith in me just like Platinum One has for me to succeed. There have been times when I have wondered if this is really for me, but my prospects have always brought me back with the hope of the success.
Have a great Holiday. I am getting a new beagle puppy for Christmas. I feel like a little girl again when I received a new puppy. How exciting the holidays are for us and for our children–Here is to your 4 boys!

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